Learning to Dream Again

Have you ever had a dream that scared you? Not a nightmare, but a life dream.

Credit: James Cormier
See Dr. Becky’s great video exploring the beautiful science behind Saturn’s hexagonal storm.

So What Happened?

Me and my “brother” — Physicist Freeman Dyson — at Caltech in 1994. Credit: SURF.
It was a privilege to go to Yale. Yet, every time I walked past this portrait of Bouchet in Sterling Memorial Library, I wondered how he had survived it. Perhaps propelled by the same dream that kept me going.
That’s me smiling back there between the v and the a. Credit: Nat Soti, Chicago Learning Exchange.

Now What?

According to data from the American Institute of Physics, the percentage of Black US presidents is still HIGHER than the percentage of Black US physics PhD earners.

How to Get There

1. I want to see robust ACKNOWLEDGMENT of injuries to science and society.

2. I want to see institutional commitments to ACTION.

3. I want to see sustained ACCOUNTABILITY to those who have been most negatively impacted.

Halley’s Comet in 1986. Credit: NASA/National Space Science Data Center.



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Sam Dyson

Sam Dyson


UChicago Physics PhD student | Delighting in the magic + mystery of the natural world | @CLXchange co-founder | Likes Jesus, cooking, andhouse music